Antique Furniture Restoration: Repairing Timeless Pieces in NYC and in the Tri-State Area

We at The Chair Shop understand what it takes to properly restore your antique furniture back to its original form. As one of the most reliable antique furniture restoration companies in the NYC area, we are more than capable of providing the necessary repairs to your timeless pieces. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, we are more than capable of handling your antique chairs with proper care and bringing them back to their former state. We have proudly served the citizens of the NY Tri-State region, as well as the Westchester and Northern New Jersey areas. We have steadily improved our skills by developing a multitude of quality chair caning and repair solutions along the way. These include:

Aside from our top-notch chair caning and repair solutions, we also offer other services such as furniture finishing and reupholstery of dining room seats. As the most reliable antique furniture repair shop in NYC, you can depend on us to provide you with the superior restoration that your antiques deserve. Our technicians are expertly trained to understand the qualities of specific time-period pieces. We use current tools and technology, as well as the vintage tools and time-honored techniques, that were used when your piece was originally made. With us, you wouldn’t need to worry about getting those items back to its original, elegant state ever again.

Tools of the Trade

There’s a wide variety of modern tools in the market that can be used to repair your items, but we strongly believe that vintage tools have a place in the antique furniture restoration process. Utilizing new technology does not always guarantee higher quality. Always keep in mind that vintage tools used in the creation of your furniture have contributed to their durability and overall character. With that said, we utilize both vintage and modern tools to guarantee your antique’s restoration and repair.

Give The Chair Shop a call today and let us provide you with the quality solutions that you and your antique furniture needs.

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